Cleaning Accessoiries for professionals

Dr. Brown’s® Medical offers a complete line of cleaning tools to clean, sanitize, and prepare Dr. Brown’s products for infant feedings.
Microwave Steam Bags
Helps to make sanitizing bottles and other products fast and easy. 20 uses per bag.
Microwave Steam Bags (5 stuks) | Artikelnr 960 | Besteleenheid 12 stuks

Non-Metal Bottle Brush
The Soft Touch Bottle Brush features a nipple cleaner at the base of the non-slip handle that is designed specifically to clean all Dr. Brown’s bottle nipples. The chevron channels at the base gently scrub the interior of bottle nipples.
The Dr. Brown’s Non-Metal Bottle Brush is a multifunctional cleaning tool for use with all Dr. Brown’s products and can be sanitized in the microwave steam bags every 24 hours.
Non-Metal Bottle Brush | Artikelnr AC055 | Besteleenheid 12 stuks

Wire Cleaning Brushes
For all Dr. Brown’s baby bottles. Helps keep vent system parts clean and clear.
Wire Cleaning Brushes (4 stuks) | Artikelnr 620 | Besteleenheid 12 stuks

Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer
Helps to sterilize 6 bottles, parts and nipples.
Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer | Artikelnr AC043 | Besteleenheid 2 stuks

Microwave Steam Sterilizer
Helps to sterilize 4 bottles, parts and nipples.
Microwave Steam Sterilizer |Artikelnr 806 | Besteleenheid 4 stuks.